Fome board is your basic "foam core board" that is used for applications such as presentations, school projects, poster mounting and more.

3/16" thick available in White or Black.

Gator board is a presentation board that is especially resistant to dents and punctures. It features hard Luxcell surfaces surrounding a lightweight polystyrene foam core. Ideal for photo mounters, artists, designers, sign painters, exhibit builders and engineers that need a durable board that  will last being handled often and be more stable.

3/16" or 1/2" thick available in White or Black.

Corrugated plastic boards are perfect for outdoor signs and promotional banners. The vertical-running flutes that go from the top to bottom can be used to attach to sign stands and more for display.

4mm avialable in White

14-Ply White Posterboard is a professional quality, heavy-duty posterboard add an easel back and you have an eye catching counter display.