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Secure Document Shredding

Protect yourself and your business against identity theft and fraud by shredding documents confidentially and securely.

Secure destruction of data, documents, and records is critical. Arc Reprographics offer peace of mind by providing a certificate of destruction with every shredding order.

Guideline for Personal Document Destruction

Paycheck Stubs - 3 Months
Bank Statements - 3 Years
Tax Information and Returns - 3 Years (Keep copies of tax returns)
Investment Records & Statements - 3 Years
ATM Receipts - Compare them with your bank statement then shred
Credit Card Statements - 1 Year
Credit Card Receipts - Compare them with your bank statement then shred. The only receipts you need to keep longer are those for home improvements, major purchases and tax purposes. Hold onto any receipts of items you may want to return.

Guideline for Business Document Destruction

Insurance Claims - Minimum of 10 Years
Contracts, Correspondences, Licenses and Payroll Records - 7 Years*
Insurance Documents - Minimum of 7 Years
Bank Slips, Bank Statements, Purchase Contracts, Expense Reports, Inventory Lists, General Invoices - 4 Years

*Check with local and state law